Still here!!!

I haven’t blogged in over a year and it’s high time! The family is growing and maturing, kids are now almost 25, almost 23, 19, and grandson is 3! Bill and I celebrated 28 years of marriage in August. We are going on a big trip Friday (Caribbean Cruise!!!) and I will post pics when we return. The kids will be holding down the fort.
Grateful to God that our oldest found his first post-college REAL job in Ft. Worth using his business/computer degree, middle child is back in school and working part time – going to be an animator one day, and daughter is back in college too. Aiden is getting very tall and talking so well – he is thriving. I started a new job in March working full time at a nice OB/GYN office as the sole nurse practitioner with 3 doctors, but I drive to Garland every day (that’s 1 hour each way every day). I am so grateful for the job even if the drive isn’t great. It gives me time to think and pray and sing, and just have some time alone. My job is definitely a ministry and I love it! Bill is still at Lockheed and doing well there. We are so thankful for jobs – they are scarce these days.
Here’s to warm water and sunny skies!


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