Aiden’s First Day of School

My grandbaby is growing up! He starts Pre-K today at the same private Christian school my own 3 kiddos attended for Kindergarten. He had a fun first day and came home excited and tired! We had a nice dinner – the whole family was here. Cannot believe he is 4 years old. Here is a picture!

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Still here…

Hope all is well with everyone today. Here it’s a rainy day and I’m getting ready to drive my hour long trip to work. Bill gets to be home today…he has every other Friday off. All the kiddos and grandson are doing well. I’ll post details later.
Here’s to drought relief!

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Still here!!!

I haven’t blogged in over a year and it’s high time! The family is growing and maturing, kids are now almost 25, almost 23, 19, and grandson is 3! Bill and I celebrated 28 years of marriage in August. We are going on a big trip Friday (Caribbean Cruise!!!) and I will post pics when we return. The kids will be holding down the fort.
Grateful to God that our oldest found his first post-college REAL job in Ft. Worth using his business/computer degree, middle child is back in school and working part time – going to be an animator one day, and daughter is back in college too. Aiden is getting very tall and talking so well – he is thriving. I started a new job in March working full time at a nice OB/GYN office as the sole nurse practitioner with 3 doctors, but I drive to Garland every day (that’s 1 hour each way every day). I am so grateful for the job even if the drive isn’t great. It gives me time to think and pray and sing, and just have some time alone. My job is definitely a ministry and I love it! Bill is still at Lockheed and doing well there. We are so thankful for jobs – they are scarce these days.
Here’s to warm water and sunny skies!

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Pictures to share!

I have finally taken a minute to post some things on my blog after a LOOOOONG absence. Here are some pictures of things that have been happening here. First of all, James graduated from the University of Arkansas in May with a BS in Business/Information Systems. He plans to go to work in Tokyo, Japan if all goes well. He is multilingual (Spanish, German and Japanese). While I am not really excited about him being on the other side of the world, I am thrilled that he has completed his degree and has a bright future ahead of him.

Secondly, Emma graduated from high school a year early, and went to prom recently. I have posted some photos of her and Brent. She asked me to make her dress, and I had a great time designing and making it the way she envisioned.

Thirdly, Aiden will turn 2 on July 25, and we had some pictures made at a local park last Saturday. The photographer is a neighbor of ours, and she has sent 4 proofs so far. He is so adorable, if I must say so!  I just love him so much.

We have 8 people living in our home this summer, Bill, me, James, Brandon, Emma, Aiden, Danbi (our Korean student – very sweet girl), and sometimes Brent sleeping on the couch. We also have a friend or two staying over occasionally.  Fortunately my teaching load is lighter this summer so I am home a lot more to cook and work around the house. I still expect everyone to pitch in, but we are enjoying spending time together.

Here are some pictures I am sharing with you today…

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Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone who stops by a joyous Christmas and new year. I pray that the year ahead will be filled with God’s blessings and that we will become more like Christ each day.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace and goodwill to all!

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I was Mary Travers for a Night!!!!

No lie, I got to sing with Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary, when he was at Barnes and Noble in Frisco a couple of weeks ago. He came to sign his new children’s book, Day is Done, and brought his guitar and sang with the audience too. He heard me singing, and asked me to come up and be Mary with him for Leavin’ on a Jet Plane. It was incredibly awesome, and touching too because Mary had died just 3 weeks prior to this evening. He even asked me to look at him while we were singing because that was what he and Mary always did. It was an amazing evening! I have a short video that was taken on a camera phone, but I also have pictures of me with Peter. He is such a kind, sweet person. He spent time with all the children that evening, reading and singing with them.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime event for me that I will never forget! I mean, I have been listening to PP&M my whole life!



Me with Peter Yarrow

I love hugs!

Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary


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Out of my comfort zone, but all for love!

This past weekend we had an adventure! Bill has long been following hikers on the Appalachian Trail, and loves backpacking. I have never been and while I like camping, my idea is to go in a camper to a place with hot showers and electricity!  Well, I went wilderness backpacking in Davy Crockett National Forest on the Four C Trail with Bill and Amy Foskett, an old friend from music school days. We had all the gear we needed because Bill and the boys had gone to Philmont Scout Ranch several times. Amy has been to Philmont once, but has been backpacking on shorter trips often of late. They both know how to lighten the load, although my backpack was still 30 lbs (parts of the tent, sleeping bag, pad for under the bag, clothes, food for 2.5 days, all our water, wet wipes, personal items, warm jacket, rain gear, first aid stuff, you get the idea…). Yes, I survived in the wilderness for 2.5 days without running water and cooked backpacking foods over a little stove (it is so cute!). Bill had fun putting out one fire when the fuel spilled on a picnic table and caught fire! Dirt and gravel work!!!

Here is a picture of the stove. Isn’t it cute?? It folds up into a tiny bag.

backpacking stove

Anyway, we hiked about a total of 16 miles, all in the forest. There are actually really big, old trees here because it is protected land. Mostly pines, but a few pecan and other native Texas trees. We had a few spider webs to knock down, but no one bit us! I saw one little green snake, but I’m sure there were larger ones out there. We saw some deer families, heard lots of owls, frogs, night bugs, woodpeckers, and even a COW (yes, there was an area of private land in there where I guess they had some cows). In the middle of the night, you imagine all kinds of things that could be making that sound! We enjoyed our backpacking food, oatmeal eaten right out of the packets (we poured boiling water in them and let it sit. Didn’t want to use our drinking water to wash any dishes). We stayed nice and warm in our tents, and the weather was perfect the entire time!

I came home exhausted and stiff, but used my arnica gel and woke up just fine Monday. Today I have a cough, but hope it is short lived! It was fun playing house in the woods, and I know Bill enjoyed it. I plan on doing this type of trip again, but perhaps shortening the miles we do each day.

I will post pictures once I can find the cord to transfer them to the computer!

Here’s to sacrifices for our husbands!!!

Kathy pretending to be pack stock

Me trying to look decent without a shower for 2 days! (FAIL!)

The man I did it for and me...still hiking along after 26+ years

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