Gimme 5 Monday


Here is a picture of my kids’ first day of school 5 years ago! Goes with the Gimme 5 theme! They sure have changed… I’ll post a recent one soon.
Hey! Thought I’d add this little meme tonight. It was fun! Thanks, Joyce for the idea.

5 Back-to-School memories!

1. New school supplies in my new bookbag (didn’t have a backpack in the 60’s and 70’s).
2. New school clothes – usually bought at Penneys via the catalog. I was oldest, so didn’t have hand-me-downs (lucky me).
3. Walking to school the first day and seeing friends, new teachers, and starting new adventures.
4. Walking with my sister to school in Baton Rouge and eating blackberries off the bushes along the way. One house had a BIG bush!
5. Deciding which boy I would have a crush on that year..he usually became apparent to me during the first few days. He would never know I liked him, and the feeling usually wasn’t mutual, but it was fun dreaming!

Now, post yours!




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4 responses to “Gimme 5 Monday

  1. Hi, Kathy,
    I especially liked your #5. I have to admit that I remember doing the same, since I was so shy. 😛

    I’m glad you enjoyed this little meme.

    Take care!

  2. good list…I missed the back pack too…not fair..we had lug all those books…and drop them of course.
    have a great day!

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