Pictures to share!

I have finally taken a minute to post some things on my blog after a LOOOOONG absence. Here are some pictures of things that have been happening here. First of all, James graduated from the University of Arkansas in May with a BS in Business/Information Systems. He plans to go to work in Tokyo, Japan if all goes well. He is multilingual (Spanish, German and Japanese). While I am not really excited about him being on the other side of the world, I am thrilled that he has completed his degree and has a bright future ahead of him.

Secondly, Emma graduated from high school a year early, and went to prom recently. I have posted some photos of her and Brent. She asked me to make her dress, and I had a great time designing and making it the way she envisioned.

Thirdly, Aiden will turn 2 on July 25, and we had some pictures made at a local park last Saturday. The photographer is a neighbor of ours, and she has sent 4 proofs so far. He is so adorable, if I must say so!  I just love him so much.

We have 8 people living in our home this summer, Bill, me, James, Brandon, Emma, Aiden, Danbi (our Korean student – very sweet girl), and sometimes Brent sleeping on the couch. We also have a friend or two staying over occasionally.  Fortunately my teaching load is lighter this summer so I am home a lot more to cook and work around the house. I still expect everyone to pitch in, but we are enjoying spending time together.

Here are some pictures I am sharing with you today…


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