Prayers Requested

My sister, Rosemary, had her first baby after 9 years of trying about 1 month ago. She had a c-section because she wouldn’t dilate at all. One week later, she had a bad gallbladder attack and had to have it removed (hospital visit #2). Less than one week after that, she had fluid overload, difficulty breathing and a massive bladder infection (hospital visit #3 – just to the ER then home after drugs). Last week she spiked a temp of 103+ and went back to the ER (hospital visit #4!!!). This time, they diagnosed her with an abscess on her liver (from the gallbladder removal). She had to have it drained (size of a baseball) and has a drain that is still producing a lot of fluid after 3 days. She is still in the hospital in Plano tonight. This morning she was doing better (temp down to 99), but tonight it went back up to 102. There are multiple specialists working to solve the problem, but it seems to keep eluding them. Pray that they will find the problem and be able to cure Rosemary without additional surgery. It is possible that they will do an exploratory laparotomy to see if there is more infection in her intestines or elsewhere. I feel so bad for her because she has not been able to really bond with her baby very long or take care of him since she has been so sick and hospitalized so much. Dylan (her son) can’t come to the area of the hospital where she is because it is too easy for him to catch something there. Pray that she will get well and that there would be no further complications so she can go home and enjoy her baby! It is a blessing that he is growing and healthy, and seems to be a happy baby. I can’t imagine how hard it is for Rosemary though! Thanks for your prayers.



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4 responses to “Prayers Requested

  1. Hi, Kathy,
    I’m so sorry to hear of all Rosemary’s serious health trials. Poor girl! I did pray for her, and do hope she recovers soon so she can enjoy her baby. ❤

  2. Nancy

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Rosemary’s troubles! I will be praying for her!

    • Thank you so much. She is healing from the bile duct repair, but today they found 3 kidney stones. She is hurting from those now. I just want her to get home with her baby! He has come to see her every day, but it’s not the same.

    • I didn’t explain all…they found her bile duct leaking (peritonitis) and had to clean out her abdomen. She has 4 drains that are doing well. She doesn’t have an infection how, but she is now dealing with the kidney stones.

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