Web Site you might enjoy


I recently joined a group called Southern Stitches via Facebook. This link is to their tutorial page for stitching:


I love to do handwork and machine sewing in my “spare time”, and have plans to get to it again after graduation in May. There is nothing like relaxing in a comfy chair and creating beautiful handmade things!

This site is fun to look through and get instructions from, especially for smocking. They also make small gowns for premature babies and those who don’t survive for the parents to have as a keepsake. The main page is


Another helpful site is:


Have fun browsing and creating!




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2 responses to “Web Site you might enjoy

  1. Hi, Kathy,
    Once upon a time, I made smocked peasant blouses for sale, as a teenager (a long time ago!). Smocking is so lovely. 🙂

  2. Hi again, Kathy,
    Happy birthday to James! We have a 22 year old son, too: Michael. Pretty neat. 🙂

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