Happy Autumn!

It’s here! The weather has gotten cooler already. We are enjoying the evening air, and it’s a blessing since our A/C is broken (keep praying that we will save the funds required to get a new one without using credit). Another “good news” item is that I finished the largest parts of my big pro paper and turned it in on Monday! I have a little more to do before it is finished, but the bulk of the work is done. Praise God for sustaining me and my family through this time.

Emma is doing well in school and is driving us around everywhere. She is getting lots of practice in before she gets her license later in October. Pray for her safety…even though she’s my 3rd child to drive, it isn’t any easier to trust “the other guy”.

We started a new series at church and in our home groups called “In His Image” and it promises to be an enriching study. It focuses on God’s plan for man and woman and their relationships on earth. Not just marriage, but coworker, fellow church member, neighbor, friend, parent, child, etc. The study was written by our pastors and elders, and they have provided us with beautiful bound lesson books that have a mirror-like cover (clever!). If you want to follow the weekly sermons, they are online at www.ccbcfamily.org. Let me know what you think if you listen to some. We can discuss.

Have a beautiful day/night!



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One response to “Happy Autumn!

  1. Maybe you can old off till next Spring to get the A/C fixed! Having timie to save up for it!

    My oldest will be getting his temps in 5 months. He is SOOO absent minded and distracted!

    That Study at your church sounds really neat! I’ll have to check out.

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