Help!! We need a Break!!!

Our family has been dealing with some new challenges and I will probably be blogging sporadically in the next few weeks. The downstairs AC needs to be replaced – it finally completely gave out after 18 years of use. If you live in Texas, you know it is used! It’s a heat pump, so it also heats our house in winter. It’s not something we can put off too long.Going to be very expensive to do the unit and the air handler – both need replacing.  The van transmission was replaced and it is working well now – very expensive. Our dryer stopped coming on, and we figured out it was the timer. Bill replaced it instead of the appliance repairman, so we saved about $200 there. We were going to fix up our 1994 Mazda 626 for Emma to drive, but it will cost about $4000, so nevermind that! She and I can share a vehicle, of course.

I’m sure all of this sounds familiar to you, as we all live in this world where things break down, get old, wear out…One more reason to look forward to Heaven, right?!I don’t want to sound whiney at all, just trying to deal with everything again. I would love a break from stressful situations!!!

Otherwise, the family is doing fine. James is in Austin today with the Arkansas Razorback band watching Texas beat his team pretty soundly. But I know he’s still having a good time. Brandon is home this weekend – he usually comes home about once a month – so I got to see him a little while between sleeping after work and going to work again (tonight!). Emma might have strep throat, and I have sent her and Bill to CareNow to be tested. The baby is fine! Bill and I are doing well also.

Pray that I will finish the proposal for my paper by Monday. I just have a little left to work on tomorrow afternoon. The proposal is the bulk of the entire paper, so it will be a relief to turn it in. Pray that no one else gets sick, especially the baby.It’s a miracle I haven’t been sick because I spend the evening with the family then stay up until 3 or 4 am working on the paper. I am trying to stop that though!

Thank you for your prayers. We are blessed by you.





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3 responses to “Help!! We need a Break!!!

  1. “we need abreak”- that was ‘punny’.

    odd how everything seems to break at the same time. hope it all gets fixed soon.

  2. That is an awful lot to handle right now. But, you know, it will all get resolved before you know it and you’ll find that you can appreciate those sweet times even more.

    You’ll be on my mind and in my prayers!


  3. PS. i planted 3 of the Hedgehog Brains, some weird prehistoric succulents, some baby aloes and Brian planted a Jade Plant. I have a lot more to plant. I’ll post pics of them all later.

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