New Pictures to Share With You

Here is precious Aiden with his mommy, Emma. He is 8 weeks old now and has doubled his birthweight!

I am proud of how Emma has grown and how well she cares for her son. Keep in mind that she will only be 16 years old in October. She is breastfeeding, and Aiden is obviously loving that! God has been so gracious in this situation.


Here is a photo from the anniversary party — finally got a copy from my sister!

Thanks for stopping by! I will be back on Thursday.




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6 responses to “New Pictures to Share With You

  1. What a cute little boy!!!

  2. Jeni Stevenson

    Emma and Aiden look so sweet! I’m glad things are working out. I know this is not the path any of you would have chosen, but God is gracious to walk you through it and bring you all out victorious. Aiden is precious! Keep the pictures coming!

  3. Jan

    I stopped by to see your page. Your title reminds me of Michael Card’s song, Joy in the Journey. My daughter had a link to your page on hers. I really enjoyed your Thankful Thursday.
    Jan B

  4. Thanks, Kimberly, Jeni and Jan. Glad you came to visit today!

  5. He is an absolute angel, Kathy! I’m so proud for you and Emma. I see the joy in her face. Such a blessing!


  6. Aiden is such a sweetie 🙂 and Emma is a sweet mother. She is truly a loving and caring mother in her own tender age! Thanks for sharing with us. Take care and may God grant you a very blessed weekend and Lord’s day!

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