Thankful Thursday

Here are my Thankful Thoughts for Thursday, September 18, 2008~

I am thankful for the opportunity to love and serve my family in these days on earth that the Lord has given me.

I am thankful for a loving, kind husband who desires the best for me and our children.

I am thankful for shelter, food, transportation and having so much more than I “need”.

I am thankful for uninterrupted time that I had last night to work on my paper and for a friend who helped me find an easier way to do something (I’m still up typing this at 1:54 am, but about to go to bed!)

I am thankful for a healthy, happy grandson who brings joy to my life every day. He is beautiful (weighs 11.5 lbs now!)

I am thankful for children who love the Lord and who are trying to be obedient and follow Him.

I am thankful for forgiveness for the times we don’t obey and go our own way.

I am thankful for appliances that make my life easier, even the dryer that broke this week. Pray we can fix it ourselves and save several hundred dollars that we really can’t spare right now.

I am thankful for health! I saw many unhealthy people at clinical yesterday. So many have multiple problems.

I am thankful for my Lord Jesus who is with me always — even when I am lonely or sad and not fun to be around.

I am thankful for each of YOU! Please leave me a comment sometime. I love to hear what you are thinking and doing. It has been wonderful to make a few new friends and find an old one too! I miss hearing from you.

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8 responses to “Thankful Thursday

  1. OOOH! I like the idea of Thankful Thursday!! (still Wednesday here)

    We truly have a lot to be thnkful for in the world today, we just get so used to tinking we have the right to a machine that washes our dishes for us and medicines that ease the migraine or whatever.

    I hope and pray you get your dryer fixed soon!

  2. What a lovely thankful list! We all certainly have a lot to be thankful for, be it big or small.

    Remain blessed!

  3. Kathy,

    This is such a great thankful list! Thank God for giving you loving husband, children and other family members so that you can seek the Lord together. Your little healthy, happy grandson must be a bundle of joy 🙂 They are all so precious!

    Thanks for this reminder to be thankful for shelter, food, transportation, appliances that make my life easier, and many other things that sometimes I take for granted 🙂

    I am so thankful too that the Lord Jesus is with me always. Thank God for blessing you in many ways. Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us. Thanks too for visiting my blog and your encouraging comments. You are always very encouraging! Take care and have a blessed day!


  4. Thanks for stopping by today…we surely do have a lot in common. I gotta get the kids off to school, but will try to come back later and answer a question you asked on my bloggy… Blessings!!

  5. Debra

    What a beautiful TT post. Thanks for sharing it with us today.

    Blessings to you!

  6. It’s my first time to visit. Thank you for sharing your thankfulness with us – Glory to God!

    Aloha from Maui,

  7. Well hello! Such wonderful blessings He showers us with. I can’t believe that little darling is 11.5 pounds. That is one well cared for baby! (Smile)

    I’m off to read the posts that I’ve missed in my absence.


  8. Wow, you have much to be thankful for this week. Bless you!

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