It’s Friday!!!

Usually when Friday comes everyone feels excited, happy, relieved, or another good feeling because the weekend is here. Most of us enjoy family time or friend time on the weekends and it is a break from work. In my case, the opposite is usually true. I work most of the time on Friday night and Saturday night, 7pm to 7 am, and sleep during the day Saturday and after church (usually I go in the morning to church) on Sunday. Sometimes I am so tired on Sunday morning that I go to church at night, but I miss singing in the choir when I do that! Anyway, my life is a little backwards from most folks.

That being said, I will be away from the computer for a couple of days, but I read a wonderful excerpt from a post by my friend Nancie in Singapore. I took one portion of her post from today for you to read and think about over the weekend. It was a blessing to me, and I pray it will be to you also.

I read this encouraging portion from Horatius Bonar’s “Follow The Lamb” which I hope will encourage you too:

Thou therefore, my son, be strong, in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 2:1)
It was this grace or free love which first began with you, and with which you began. It was this which you at first “apprehended,” or rather, which “apprehended” you; and your special character is that of men who “know the grace of God” (Col 1:6); who have “tasted that the Lord is gracious” (1 Pet 2:3); men on whom God has had compassion (Rom 9:15); men to whom He has shown His forgiving love. Such is your name.

This grace of God is your strength, as it is your joy; and it is only by abiding in it that you can really live the life of the redeemed.

Be strong, then, in this grace; draw your joy out of it; and beware how you turn to anything else for refreshment, or comfort, or holiness.

Though a believing man, you are still a sinner; a sinner to the last; and, as such, nothing can suit you but the free love of God.

Be strong in it. Remember that you are saved by believing, not by doubting. Be not then a doubter, but a believer.

Draw continually on Christ and His fulness of this grace. If at any time you are beguiled away from it, return to it without delay; and betake yourself to it again just as you did at the first. To recover lost peace, go back to where you got it at first; begin your spiritual life all over again: get at once to the resting place.

Where sin has abounded, let grace much more abound. Do not go back to your feelings, or experiences, or evidences, in order to extract from them a renewal of your lost peace. Go straight back to the free love of God. You found peace in it at first; you will find peace in it to the last. This was the beginning of your confidence; let it be both last and first.

This abounding grace, rightly understood, will not make you sin; it will not relax morality or make inconsistency a trifle. It will magnify sin and enhance its evil in your eyes. Your footing or “standing” in grace (Rom 5:2) will be the strongest, as well as most blessed, that you can ever occupy. If your feet be “shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace” (Eph 6:15), you will be able to “stand” and to “withstand”; not otherwise. Remember how Paul and Barnabas urged this upon the Jews of Antioch, “persuading them to continue in the grace of God” (Acts 13:43; Gal 5:4; Titus 2:11; 1 Peter 5:12).

(Excerpts from Horatius Bonar’s “Follow The Lamb”)

God bless you all,




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2 responses to “It’s Friday!!!

  1. I like how it says not togo back to your old feelings/experiences-
    ~And that’d be tough to be on one schedule during the week and a different sleep/wake schedule on the weekend! I hope you have a restful weekend!

  2. Hi Kathy!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and your every encouragements! I am thankful to God too that we can be long distance friends 🙂 God is good to us.

    Thank God for encouraging you with his portion from Horatius Bonar! Thanks for sharing it with your readers. My posts are all in the public domain to share with others so that we can praise God together and grow in Him. So do feel free to take any excerpt from my posts and share with your readers whenever you wish to. I am most happy that we can encourage others with what God has blessed us with! Thanks for doing so.

    May God continue to shower His love, mercies, grace and peace upon you daily as you look to Him.

    Take care and have a most blessed weekend and Lord’s day!

    With much love in Christ and prayers,

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