Thankful Thursday

Here is my Thankful post for this week. I’ve been in clinical all day, so just now able to type it up! Hope you had a chance to see the silly post just prior to this one. What fun!

Here goes!

I am thankful for Dr. Naberhaus for allowing me to work with him for family practice clinicals. He is a wonderful Christian man and a fine example for me to follow.

I am thankful that we had the money needed to repair our van with a broken transmission (ouch!). Pray that we will have enough to fix the other problems afterward (there’s more).

I am thankful that the grandbaby is growing and healthy. He weighs over 10 lbs now.

I am thankful for cooler weather and some clouds.

I am thankful for the upcoming rain.

I am thankful for my loving family and the blessings they are to me.

I am thankful for the promise of a future hope that I have in Jesus.

I am thankful that my friend, Natalie, had a safe delivery and healthy baby after her preeclampsia.

I am thankful for have a chance to go to a cycling class tonight with Bill. We had fun and we are getting more fit.

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4 responses to “Thankful Thursday

  1. What a lovely thankful list! It’s funny that I’m thankful for some sunshine and you are thankful for some rain. We all certainly do keep God busy LOL!

    Have a blessed weekend ahead!

  2. I’m across the globe in Malaysia 🙂 Will be praying for everyone to be safely out of the hurricanes.

    Happy says hello to Buddy!

  3. Praise God for such sweet blessings.

  4. Glad you are able to work with a wonderful Christian man. May God continue to provide for your needs. Thank God for the precious promise of a future hope that we have in Jesus! I am so thankful for that too. Good of you and Bill to go cycling class together. Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us. Take care and have a blessed weekend!

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