Silliness for today!

Hahahahahahaha (breathe) hahahahaha

Tonight I found a funny web site where you can create yearbook pictures using your face and their hair. Here are a few. I rolled on the floor laughing when I saw my friend’s on Facebook. Go to to play with your pictures!

I deliberately made this one freakish…for laughs. You can turn your face upside down if you want! I just made mine really big.

So, vote for your favorite – #1-7 (8 is not included). Post your comments and have fun.




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3 responses to “Silliness for today!

  1. That is FUNNY! Wanna know a secret. I would have never known they weren’t all you if you didn’t tell us. My husband would have noticed that instantly though..
    I like #1 and #6 the best.

  2. This is really funny and sweet 🙂 My favorite is #3

  3. That’s great! I can’t wait to give it a try! LOL Love those cat eye glasses.


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