Thankful on Friday!

I missed the Thankful Thursday post, but I am thankful and appreciate the help with ideas for finding the Mr. Coffee carafe. I have bid on one via e-bay and it will be cheap! I do love going to resale shops/thrift stores too, but don’t have time to hunt right now. E-bay was easy…

I go to work tonight, so must rush off. There are several women in the hospital that I took care of last night and probably again tonight with really high blood pressure and other health problems. Here’s a LITTLE KNOWN FACTOID: I also delivered the first Hurricane Gustav refugee baby in the metroplex last weekend! The mother went into labor in the car on her drive up from Port Arthur. All went well. Somehow the Harris Methodist Ft. Worth refugee baby made the paper, but mine was first! Hee hee…

But to GOD be the glory. Pray for those folks displaced from their homes again.

Here’s to fast labors and healthy babies!




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2 responses to “Thankful on Friday!

  1. Jeni Stevenson

    Hey! Very cool! Wish the mommy well for me. I want more pics of Aiden and his proud Mama! =)

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