Last Day of School!!! Yippee!!!

Odd title for a blog on August 6, but it’s true! Today was my last day of school…until August 27. It was a relief to turn in all of my clinical logs (90 hours worth), a big case study for the semester, and finish the final exam. Now I will have a few weeks just to enjoy being home and playing with Aiden. He’s not much “fun” because he’s always eating, sleeping or filling his diaper, but he’s adorable and sweet and I get a lot of endorphins flowing just by holding him. If he helped burn calories, I would be a size 6 by now (I don’t EVER remember being a size 6, just so you know…in fact I’m about 2X that size – sometimes a little more, but oh well…I’m working on it – right after I eat this pie someone brought us…willpower??? what’s that???)

Segue into the next topic… now that the stress of school is over for a while, and I anticipate this coming Fall semester to be much less stressful, I am embarking on a new weight loss/fitness venture. I have so many good books on the subject, and I’ve tried just about everything out there. Some of my plans have included Medifast, Atkins, South Beach and Weight Watchers. I’ve taken Jazzercise, aerobics, joined and “donated” to several gyms over the years, walked with friends at 6 am, 9 pm, etc., and paid a lot of money to take authentic Pilates classes for a year at the Metropolitan Ballet of Arlington (excellent classes and instructors – I was “fit”, but didn’t lose any fat really). I have tried shakes, boxed meals, soups, low carb, high protein, very low calorie, and stuff that I wouldn’t ever want to put in my mouth again OR feed my dog! It has been a roller coaster ride from 115 pounds (when I got married) to 135 (after I had my first child) to 190’s (when I had Emma, and just recently) and back down to the 160’s. I’m fluctuating in the upper range again. (True confession time…since I know not many folks read or know about my Blog… 🙂



So, this week, now that stress is reduced, I am going to the gym at least twice (we have a cheap membership), swimming there at least once, and walking in the neighborhood in the early am or after sundown at least twice. I don’t think this is too hard of a goal to reach. The other plan I have is to get back to my healthy Weight Watcher’s-ish eating. That is absolutely the best eating plan on the planet, bar none. Their plan makes sense and is something that works for life. Nothing is “off limits”, but the first few weeks limit the amount of sugary and starchy foods. It is healthy, balanced eating. I am actually a lifetime member, but I weigh too much to go to meetings for free, and I’m FRUGAL, so I have to wait until I get down a few pounds before returning. It’s no big deal because I still have all the materials from just a couple of years ago (the last time I attempted to be disciplined with eating). The info is still fresh and helpful.

I also have read several good books on the root of eating problems, which is a spiritual problem to a certain extent. Prayer and fasting (not for weight loss) are a part of discovering the problems, and the Holy Spirit has convicted me of a few things during my prayer times. One of them (obvious) is that I eat because it makes me feel good. While God made food for us to enjoy – it tastes good! – He didn’t intend for us to use food as an upper when we’re down, or as a security blanket when we’re upset or afraid. That’s what God is for! If I don’t exercise my will to stop eating when I’m full, it will be detrimental to my health. So far, I’m not obese, but I could become that way if I don’t get a handle on the eating and exercise thing. THAT scares me. I want to be healthy for my family.

One of the books I read that really makes sense is Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s Faith-Based Fitness. It is a well-rounded approach to fitness, not just weight loss. I’m going to start reading it again today.

So, there you have it. If you have a weight loss story or success you want to share, or if you just need a friend to work on this with, I am here! The goal is to be down to a size 10 again by the spring. I think that’s doable and realistic. I do not want to be a fat nurse/nurse practitioner! How can I be teaching women how to lose weight when I don’t have a healthy weight? My witness as a believer may also be affected because I’m not “practicing what I’m preaching”, so to speak. Pray hard!

Here’s to wearing my skinny clothes again (and maybe getting some new ones!)




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2 responses to “Last Day of School!!! Yippee!!!

  1. Kathy,

    I hear the excitement and enthusiasum you have about your new fitness goals. There is a great community that is committed to “pursuing genuine faith and lifelong fitness” over at There is a bunch of free fitness information over there. You should come join us! God Bless on your fitness goals!

  2. Hi Kathy!
    How nice to see your smiling face! You look as sweet as you are.

    Congratulations on completing your schooling. What an accomplishment! I am so happy for you. Now you can really enjoy some at home time with those precious children.

    I wish you lots of success on your fitness program. Sounds like you really have a balanced approach. I actually need to lose about 15 pounds too and have made some minor efforts to lose it. I never knew it could be so difficult if you don’t discipline yourself. I really need to change my mindset and get it together or I think my scale will just keep going upward. I’m going to look into that link that Greg just left too.

    My mom & dad are coming in tomorrow for the weekend so I’ll be enjoying their company and won’t be online much. I always love when they visit but it is never long enough! I’ll have to think abou that fitness program after mom leaves. She is bringing homemade chicken & dumplings along with an applespice cake. I can identify with Willpower?? what’s that?? LOL (You’re so funny!)


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