Here’s the Grandbaby

Aiden Joseph

He arrived at 4:53 am on July 25. He weighs 6 lb. 3 oz and 19.5 inches long. Emma had some complications, but is better now and they should come home tomorrow afternoon. I will post more pics later. He has the cutest dimples and a little cleft in his chin! He also seems to be a very contended baby, and is nursing so well! Pray that his transition to home life will be easy.

Here’s to newborn babies!




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2 responses to “Here’s the Grandbaby

  1. Nancy

    He is so beautiful, Kathy!

    I’m so glad that things are going better now and that they will both be home soon.

    Congratulations to all!


  2. Kathy, he is soooo beautiful! Look at that hair. Such an angel. I’m glad that Emma is feeling better. Has he been given a name yet?

    I’ll be praying for you all. I’m sure you’ll be busy getting your nest ready to welcome that new little blessing!

    Smiles (and oohs and aaahs),

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