A Sunny Saturday, Full of Surprises!

Propane gauge

This morning Emma made us breakfast (while I stayed in bed a little longer because I was up late last night playing with my blog!) and we went shopping for Bill’s father’s day and birthday gifts. This year he will be 49, and you would think he was going to be 80 the way he talks! It is really bothering him that 50 is around the corner. We picked out some gifts that he will enjoy plus one that will help the whole family: a propane gauge for the grill!!! Have you ever had that pesky problem of running out of propane (if you use a gas grill) just when the steaks are starting to cook? So annoying! Well, fret no more and get yourself a propane gauge from Brookstone, or the like. I’m looking forward to cooking out on July 4 without having to bring it inside to broil. Won’t Bill be surprised???! (I know, it’s kind of like buying the wife an iron or something, but it is important!)

It has been hot and sunny, but tonight we had a nice thunderstorm to cool things off a bit. The grass and plants are a little happier. Tomorrow is Emma’s baby shower, and I will be sure to post about that event. I know that in a past post I mentioned that I would be called Mimi, but if any of you have other suggestions, I’m accepting those for consideration. Nothing is in stone yet. Nanny, Mom, Granny and Grandma have already been taken in our family, so keep that in mind.

Here’s to growing older and hopefully wiser!



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  1. Oh I really like Mimi. Someday, however, I hope to be called Granny … its a southern thing! LOL


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