A Simple Woman’s Daybook

Here is my Daybook entry for today – June 27 (should call it Nightbook entry…hee hee) I will start again on Monday, but thought I would practice today.

Outside my window. . .The sound of crickets, cicadas and frogs and the street light shining on the yard
I am thinking. . .how much I miss Bill and Brandon while they’re in Philmont
I am thankful for. . .the time I have had to spend with Emma alone
From the kitchen. . .nothing! We ate at Cracker Barrel tonight!
I am wearing. . .My pink and green PJs
I am creating. . .a Blog – very slowly, one step at a time, but learning new, fun things
I am going. . .to study for a midterm tomorrow
I am reading. . .“The Good Nearby” by Nancy Moser and “Gynecology” by Berek and Novak (woot!)
I am hoping. . .that Emma has a safe and easy labor and that her baby is born at just the right time and in perfect health
I am hearing. . .the crickets, frogs and computer fan, plus the air conditioner
Around the house. . .clutter from being moved out of several rooms while we await new flooring
One of my favorite things. . .swimming in the ocean or pool, or any body of clean water.
A few plans for the rest of the week. . .picking up the “small stuff” to get ready for carpet installation, a baby shower for Emma on Sunday, playing the offertory at church, taking a midterm, greeting Bill and Brandon on Monday night!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing. . .

The \

Please visit Peggy at The Simple Woman to find more Daybook entries and have a peaceful night!

(I worked 12 hours today, so my Daybook is a Nightbook this time)





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2 responses to “A Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. I just love this daybook idea. I’ve been planning to do mine for some time, but I always seems to be a month behind my plans! LOL Love the photo of the dog & cat. So sweet!


  2. Lea,
    Thanks for visiting my site and for all the comments! We took this picture of the pets last winter, but it is so cute when they sleep together. I think we are “supposed” to do the daybook on Monday, so I will try to get it together and have another one then.
    Your new bloggy friend,

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