Two of a Kind

OK, my dear friend from High school, college, etc. suggested I join in on this “meme”. I am still learning the BLOG thing, and had no idea what a meme is, but I guess this is one, so here goes.

Two names I go by ~

1. Mom, Mommy, and soon, Mimi (grandmother-ish name)

2. Pooterhead (to my hubby – said with affection and a babyish voice)

Two things I’m wearing right now ~

1. Navy t-shirt with little flags and watermelons on it

2. Red capris

Two of my favorite things today ~

1. Watching a movie at home with Emma while we ate snow cones

2. Finding a summer purse on sale that I like (it is so hard for me to find the right purse – picky, picky)

Two things I want at the moment ~

1. The ironing done (yes, I still iron some… Not so bad if you watch a movie at the same time)

2. My floors installed. We had a flood in March and that’s all that is left to replace. It’s no fun walking around on concrete and wood, but it will be so nice when it’s done!!!

Two favorite pets I have had ~

This is a tough one, so I have to cheat a little:

1. A tie between my black cat Benson from college and earlier marriage (He was a pain, but was smart and funny) and my dog, Buddy, now 7, who is also a smart and funny border collie.

2. My white cat, Smudge, who is 4 years old now. She is the sweetest cat ever.

Two people I hope will fill this out ~

I haven’t really “met” any bloggers formally yet, but I have linked to several from Nancy’s Blog (thank you, Nancy. This has opened up a new world to me!)

1. Dawn at : By Sun and Candlelight (

2. Lea from Farmhouse Blessings

Two things I did last night ~

1. Swam next door.

2. Watched a movie with Emma (we have enjoyed watching chick flicks while the boys are at Philmont Scout Ranch).

Two things I ate last night ~

1. Roast beef

2. A fudge truffle from the wedding I went to last Saturday. Mmmmm!!!

Two people I last talked to ~

1. Emma

2. James (via phone – he’s in Arkansas)

Two things I will do tomorrow ~

1. Get my hair done. I’m actually going to get highlights this time (first time in about 8 years). Usually I color my hair myself, but I feel like splurging.

2. Finish organizing and cleaning my room and closet to get ready for the floors to be installed.

Farthest two trips I have taken in the last 5 years ~

1. Alaska (cruise with hubby for 20th anniversary in 2003)

2. Hawaii – in May (I was able to go on a trip for a friend’s wedding and stayed 6 days with a few other girls. It was heavenly! Thanks, Bill).

Two favorite holidays ~

1. Christmas

2. Thanksgiving

Two favorite beverages ~

1. An occasional real Coke

2. Hot Chocolate with whipped cream (I agree, Nancy)

Now it’s your turn! Anyone who wants to join in, post your Two of a Kinds on your blog and leave me a comment with your link, so that I can pop over and read yours!

It’s amazing how much God blesses us in even the smallest things every day…




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6 responses to “Two of a Kind

  1. Nancy

    Hi Kathy – I loved reading your list! Wow! Alaska and Hawaii – I bet those were wonderful trips!

    Your blog is beautiful – you’re doing a great job!


  2. Nancy,
    Those were great trips, but we will be staying close to home for a while since Emma is due within the month. She’s having a boy.
    I need help designing some backgrounds and those little sidebar “thingies”. Totally have no idea about it!

  3. Hi Kathy! I’m so glad that you stopped by for a visit. I’m so looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Emma is my favorite girls name in the world. When I make my little dolls, I often embroider the Emma on them.

    Welcome to the land of blog. I have met so many lovely friends and its been so fun! Looking forward to getting to know you even better. I’ll try to get that meme done this weekend.


  4. Lea,
    Emma was my great grandmother’s name. When we named our daughter, it wasn’t a popular name yet, but it certainly has become more so. I think she will be a great mother, even at 15 1/2, although it wasn’t the way we thought her life would go. I will be blogging about the baby when he arrives.

  5. Nancy

    Kathy – I’m going to e-mail you about the blog design help – I’m not sure how much help I’ll be though!


  6. Nancy,
    I got Brandon’s computer working, so replying. I would love the design help. I want to make a nice background and be able to add the buttons on the side, etc. I really haven’t had time to learn on my own yet due to summer school, etc. I love the way you have done your site – it’s so pretty.
    Take care,

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