Life is interesting…

Well, this week God showed me once again that my life is in his control and that I am going to fit into His agenda, not mine! After finding what I thought would be a perfect job leading up to a nurse practitioner position in a physicians’ busy urogyn practice, I discovered that things weren’t what I thought they were going to be. When I was negotiating salary with one of the doctors I thought that he agreed to pay for my college tuition if I began working there as an RN now. Last Thursday I discovered that was not the case, so I released myself from that position on Friday. On one hand, I am disappointed and a little grieved, but on another, I know that there is something better for me out there and that I just need to wait for it. Besides that, I have a grandbaby coming in one month. Arlington Memorial was happy to let me change my hours from PRN to Part Time, which works so much better for our family and me anyway. I will be able to be home much more! I will also have to find another location to get my clinical hours for the WHNP program, but Parkland said they would be happy to provide those.

Another event occurred yesterday. One of James and Brandon’s old and best friends got married to his high school sweetheart. Both had gone to the same high school, then to Texas A&M for college. Ben is going to be a doctor and Kimberly a teacher, and they had the most beautiful, perfect Christian wedding I have seen in ages. Both have preserved their purity for this day, both love the Lord and serve Him, and besides that, they are both physically beautiful people! They took ballroom dance lessons so they could really have a classy first dance, and it was so fun to watch them. They are so obviously in love. Bill and I are good friends with the parents also, so we were so pleased for them that they could have this beautiful time to reflect on their children, God’s blessings on their families, and the thankfulness of having the privilege of raising such godly individuals. Bill and I are both praying for our boys to continue to be pure and wait for that special one that God has chosen for them, and for our daughter to keep herself pure (she has committed to a secondary virginity after becoming pregnant the first time!). I dream of our children having a wedding like Ben and Kimberly’s. God bless them!

Here’s to Godly marriages!


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  1. Sounds like you have so many wonderful and exciting things happening in your life! Can’t wait to read more about that grandbaby. That has got to be such a thrill.

    Yes, it is such a blessing that your children are committed to purity. It is a prayer that I have for my boys as well.


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