June 12 is a Bittersweet Day

On June 12, 1991, we had our 3rd baby boy. Anthony David would have been 17 years old today, however, he was born without kidneys and only lived about 1 hour. We knew that this would be a problem after a sonogram confirmed my suspicions that something was wrong at about 20 weeks gestation. We continually prayed for our baby to be healed, and trusted that no matter what happened God would be sovereign. Although things didn’t work out the way we wished, I enjoyed 8 months with my precious baby and I look forward to seeing him again in heaven. Since his birth, I have become a nurse and have had many opportunities to minister to women who are in a similar situation or suffering the loss of their baby. So today I think of Anthony, and send my love heavenward.



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2 responses to “June 12 is a Bittersweet Day

  1. It was November, 1992, that we lost our little one before he was ready to be born. I still think of him and know that he is in heaven awaiting our arrival. Sometimes when my three boys are jumping on our trampoline and playing together, I can almost “see” the shadow our 4th son joining in. I feel his loss. I understand your heart.

    Your faith and trust in our Lord is uplifting.

    Warm hugs,

  2. Lea,
    My heart goes out to you too. We have a little more to look forward to in heaven!
    Hugs back,

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