Happy Father’s Day!

Today we celebrate fathers everywhere. I celebrated mine by having lunch with him and the family at Black Eyed Pea restaurant, followed by a visit and presents at my parents’ house. My hubby was not able to celebrate today due to a trip he is taking with our middle child, but we will be sure to shower him with love and gifts when he returns. I am so grateful for the wonderful father God gave me, and for how great a father my husband is to our children. They both love the Lord and seek after Him, and have taught their children to do the same. Although Bill is having a difficult time dealing with the reality that his 15 year old daughter is going to have a baby, he is going to be a fantastic grandfather to that little baby boy.  We all will have to adjust our agenda to God’s agenda. His plans for us are far better for us than whatever we could imagine or plan, and I know He will be with us through this trial just as He has been for all the others.

Here’s to Fantastic Fathers!


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  1. With every post I read, I like you even more! Yes, God’s grace is sufficient.


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