Friends are true blessings

It was a great b-day! I heard from an old, dear friend that I haven’t seen in many years, and look forward to catching up with her. Also, I received a few e-cards and snail mail cards from friends old and new, for my birthday. When I woke up, my sweet hubby had bought me a dozen mixed roses (my favorite – pink, yellow, white and coral mixed). The girls at work brought me a beautiful, yummy chocolate cake and signed a card. I took 2 of my children (alas, one is away this summer) out to dinner. Hubby had to finish a project at work. I am so grateful for him and his diligence to provide for us. He has always been dependable and selfless to his family. To finish off the day, I plan to get into my PJs and watch P.S., I Love You (I heard it was good), then go to bed.

Here’s to friends and family, near and far!




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2 responses to “Friends are true blessings

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!


  2. Thanks…47 years old this time!

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